Underwater Sports offers learn to dive courses with PADI.

Our Instructor is currently away for winter but we will begin taking bookings again around August ready for Spring.

Contact paul on for more information on how to get started and prices etc.

We are also now again able to offer these courses specialty courses.

we also offer refresher courses as a 1 on 1 or small group activity.( these are done directly with me, the shop owner and head instructor).

We need advance time to book a space at the local swimming pool and will have a short theory recap followed by a 1 hour practical pool session.

This can be during the day, early morning, or evening time to suit you.

Rating Requirements logged dives required
Specialty diver 2 Specialties 12 dives
Advanced diver 4 Specialties 24 dives
Master diver 4 Specialties andStress/rescue 50 dives
Divecon Master diver, divecon course 60 dives
Century diver nil 100 dives
Platinum diver nil 1000 dives