At Underwater Sports we believe a trip should be a unique experience. We don't do a stock standard cray hunting trip unless we can have some fun along the way.

Here are some trips so far and some yet to come:

To find a sunken boat and bring it to the surface while collecting scallops, and navigating our way around using both natural and compass bearings.

Specialties for widening your diving knowledge such as:

Call in or email me to find out what we are planning next.

To go night diving at Baxters reef or be followed around by blue cod while looking for some crays

Have you ever dived a wall over 600 feet deep crawling with marine life ? We did last year and we will again this year in September. Sorry but this years trip is already full but come and put your name down for next year if hunting fishing and diving are your thing. Bit cold but the scenery above and below the surface are worth it.

Last year we were off to the tropics to dive the Coolidge. 10 Dives over 8 days for under $3000 including airfares ex CHCH, accomodation at the Deco stop, and a dive package with Alan Powers.

We are looking for about 4 or 5 interested divers with about $1500 to spend on a long weekend in Fiji. Airfares accomodation and a multi dive package so long as you have a valid passport and some spare time and money. What do you think ? give me a call..

We went to Rarotonga for our third trip. We will be away 6 nights and have plenty of interesting dives and other sightseeing planned. Get your name on our list for the next adventure !!!