Suunto Products:

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We carry most of the Suunto range of dive measuring devices from a simple pressure and depth gauge to the Titanium D9 for over $3500 ! We have 2 cabinets full of Suunto toys that also include watches, compasses and gauges.

Analogue gauges are easy to read, unclutteredand great for single dive days or old school with your tables.

Gekko is our entry level and we treat some of our rental customers to the ease and pleasure of using them. It has a glow in the dark face for night or difficult visibility conditions.

Vyper is a step up to back lighting, computer interface compatible and the same menu structure as most of our computers.

Cobra is where the real fun starts with air integration allowing you to monitor everything on one display. I use one and its great. not only does it show your dive time and remaining no-deco minutes but it also calculates your remaining minutes of air by calculating your consumption rate ! Great for lower volume or pressure dive cylinders as it also has a low air alarm too.

The "D" range of wrist computers is currently growing. Last year we saw the releaseof the D9 and D6. this year the D4 has arrived with cool free diving mode as well as Scuba on air and nitrox.

For a full on top of the line how about a D9 watch with remote air transmitter and a titanium strap. We can supply these on a 2 day order in only usually. This watch even has a built in electronic compassso reallyis all you need to monitor your dive.

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